Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome to Our Blog!

This post just welcomes you to the site. We are so excited to read this book and get started.

"When Lily meets Albert, a refugee from Hungary, during the summer of 1944, they begin a special friendship. However, Lily and Albert have both told lies, and Lily has told a lie that may cost Albert his life." -


  1. The key is a good gift for Lily because it is a place to escape from her Grandmother and have some alone time. It said Lily would go up there and write stories. She probably still wants to do that. I think Lily will be in there with Albert because he seems like he will be an important part and he and Lily will be friends like the Orbans intended. She could get in trouble because she will probably be doing things she’s not supposed to do. For example, I think she will tell Albert about her Aunt Celia. She is a spy and if any of the Germans find out she will be killed. So, if Albert knows and tells someone she could be in a lot of danger. Having this freedom may cause her to do some rebellious things.-Addie

    1. When Lily and Margaret are in the attic we learn that Lily's number one problem is telling lies. She promises herself not to tell tiny or big lies ever again. I think you are right in thinking that she may get herself into trouble when she becomes friends with Albert. She may share her gigantic lie about her Aunt with Albert or make up something else that becomes problematic for them both. I am anxious to find out the adventures the key will bring to Lily and hopeful she doesn't get into too much trouble!

  2. I think that the key to Margaret's house is a good gift because she has another place to write her books, But I also think that she could get into trouble. For example, If her grandma finds out that she has been going into Margaret’s house, she will not happy.