Friday, April 17, 2015

Week 3 Agenda

Here is your agenda for the week ahead. This is what you should be working on and completing each day. If you need help planning out your work, come see me! This will all be due on Friday. Enjoy!

Monday, April 20th: 

  • No School for Students
Tuesday, April 21st: 
  • Read Chapters 13 and 14
  • Find 1 (or 2)  Vocabulary Word for your folder
  • Write 2 Quality Questions
  • Begin Summary/Thinking Log
  • Finish any of this for homework
Wednesday, April 22nd: 
  • Read Chapters 15 and 16
  • Find 1 (or 2) Vocabulary Word for your folder
  • Write 2 Quality Questions
  • Work on Summary/Thinking Log
  • Begin Blog Post
  • Finish any of this for homework
Thursday, April 23rd: 
  • Finish Vocabulary Words (3 total)
  • Finish Quality Questions (4 total) 
  • Make sure your Summary/Thinking Log is finished (both parts)
  • Work on your Blog Post
    • Comment on other's posts
  • Finish any of this work for homework (Due TOMORROW)
Friday, April 24th:
  • Group Discussion
  • Turn in Folders/Blog Posts
On Friday, you should have the following work completed: 
  • 3 Vocabulary Words
  • 4 Quality Questions
  • 1 Summary/Thinking Log
  • 1 Blog Post/Comments
  • \(There will be NO Character Diary this week and ONLY 4 questions) 

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